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T.W. Price Design

Lefty Reyne Stonewashed Blade / Bronze Handle Black Accents

Lefty Reyne Stonewashed Blade / Bronze Handle Black Accents

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*Important Information*

This is a preorder. Once purchased, the knives will need to go through manufacturing and my own quality control before they will be shipped. This whole process will take an estimated 5 months from the time of purchase. Expect to get your knife in late February to early March. No refunds are allowed during the preorder process. Returns/refunds will be allowed once the knives have been delivered. 


Reyne Specs:

Oal: 8.25”

Blade: 3.57”

Blade thickness: 0.125"

Bte thickness: ~0.015

Blade Steel: Magnacut

Hardness: ~62 Hrc

Handle thickness: 0.52"”

Weight Estimate: 4.7oz 

Oem: Bestech

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T.W. Price Design Return Policy

By entering the preorder, the purchaser agrees to the term that no refunds or cancellations will be allowed during the course of manufacturing. Returns will not be accepted without prior communication with TWPD. Only items that are deemed defective after thorough inspection by TWPD will be eligible for return or replacement at our expense.