How My Love For Knives Started

My name is Tyler Price and I am a 21 year old knife designer from Northern California. I got into knives after my grandpa gave me my first pocket knife when I was 6 years old before we went on a backpacking trip to the Bighorn Crags in Idaho. At 10 years old is when I first got into knife designing. My mom would get me cardboard paper that was used for packaging at Costco and I would draw for hours on it. At 13 I tried my hand at making knives but I wasn't able to pursue it because of school and sports. Now I am pursuing my childhood dream of designing knives and I don't have plans on stopping. One day when I have the ability to I would like to get into making customs as well as continuing the production models. Thank you all for reading and the continued support. You are the reason why I am able to live my dream!