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Dawn Hand Rubbed Blade/32v Blue Bead Blast Handle

Dawn Hand Rubbed Blade/32v Blue Bead Blast Handle

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The Dawn started out as a late night project and spiraled into a childhood dream come true. Since its conception, The Dawn has gone through countless design changes to make it as perfect in my eyes as it can possibly be. I am pleased to say that it is everything that I hoped it could be. The Dawn is the perfect combination of looks and performance. With its light weight, sleek lines, and thin geometry, it makes the perfect daily companion. 

In its original form, the Dawn was very well received in the community and among the most reputable knife reviewers on YouTube. With the new design improvements, it is one you surely don’t want to miss! 

Important Information:

This is a ready to ship sale. All knives and accessories sold will be shipped within one business day.


Oal: 7.5”

Blade: 3.3”

Cutting edge: 3”

Blade thickness: 0.118

Bte thickness: ~0.015

Blade Steel: M390

Hardness: 60-61 Hrc

Blade Grind: Flat

Closed length: 4.4”

Handle length: 4.25”

Handle thickness: 0.53”

Weight: Under 4oz 

Oem: Bestech


Changes From the Previous Model:

  • Conversion to Inset steel liner lock

  • Added Detent ball ramp

  • Slightly thickened handles to accommodate the inset lock

  • Deepened weight relief pockets

  • Extended jimping from the base of the swedge and around the front flipper tab

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